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    Examples of describing in a Sentence

  • 문장 describe
    1. Describe the world as rays of the world beyond every serial-eternitarian or ideal alternative- posit the existential eternity- the eternal body.
    2. Tom Hazlett, a good friend who is an esteemed and highly regarded professor of economics at the University of California at Davis, coined the term to describe any female who is intolerant of any point of view that challenges militant feminism.
    3. Historical references describe the camps as internment camps, although others favor the name relocation camps. Others, more critical of this action, refer to them as detention camps or concentration camps.
    4. On the other hand, should the kakistocrats in Iran stick with the name of expediency to describe their power brokers?
    5. We used a navigation mesh to describe the paths that can be followed by computer-controlled characters in our video game.
    6. She was gregarious, opinionated, and in charge, the kind of person you'd describe as a real pistol, and I was immediately drawn to her.
    7. Pixelation ratio is most commonly used to describe the pixelation cause by the use of multiple discreet LEDs to form an LED lamp. Low pixelation ratios are preferable to most closely mimic fluorescent and incandescent lamps.
    8. We prefer the word "planetoid" as a new word to describe round objects orbiting the sun.
    9. That has led to no shortage of raised eyebrows among hard-nosed technologists in the engineering culture here, some of whom describe the Kurzweilian romance with supermachines as a new form of religion.
  • 문장 describes
    1. Azara, who describes this animal, states, that there is some uncertainty as to its name; but he believes that this, as well as his yagouaroundi, is known by the name eira.
    2. The geographer describes countries and cities. ‎
    3. The function describes a very complex surface. ‎
    4. In The Way of the Shaman, Michael Harner describes how dancing, accompanied by drumming, was a very common method (...) in traditional societies for a person to metamorphosise into a bird or other animal.
    5. He namedrops the Thundercats, Punky Brewster and “hammerhead sharks in Bermuda,” describes his car as looking “like Almond Joy” and taunts, on “Ain’t I (remix),” “The choppers in the trunk will make you do the Macarena.”
    6. Its Le Nombre dOr Campanae Veteres Vites 2000, $66, showcases three lesser-known grapes arbanne, petit meslier and fromenteau but one word describes it: exceptional.
    7. This chapter discusses the role of patellofemoral arthroplasty for isolated patellofemoral arthritis, describes a free-handed, uninstrumented MIS surgical technique, and reviews the results of the procedure (independent of surgical approach).
    8. Type I NF describes polymicrobial infections, whereas type II NF has a monomicrobial pathogenesis.
    9. This describes the movie-goer's wish to overcome the difference between herself and the star so that she can become more like the star.
  • 문장 described
    1. This is described in more detail in Brown’s book on the subject (q.v.).
    2. As to the Quadragintiremes, or vessels usually described as having forty ranks or tiers of oars, we cannot reconcile the report to our understandings, except by supposing them nothing more than galleys fitted with as many oars in each rank.
    3. He harped on his quibble about how the dark red paint should be described as carmine rather than burgundy.
    4. Irenaeus is described by Dr. Tregelles 'as a close and careful quoter in general from the New Testament' [Endnote 49:2].
    5. A senior Bush administration official described that goal as largely symbolic since rehirings have been quietly taking place already.
    6. Although Miss Kim is often described as semidwarf, this popular late bloomer can become 9 or 10 feet tall.
    7. The woman was jailed after the judge described her as a sexual predator.
    8. Tentatively, the market sentiment on May 5, 2004 could be described as favoring greater stability around the forward, however with a bias for a dollar depreciation. This is only a snap shot of expectations.
  • 문장 describing
    1. "...the essence is that such self-describing poets describe what is in them, but not peculiar to them, – what is generic, not what is special and individual." — Walter Bagehot (1826–1877)
    2. Mopy is a term HP [Hewlett-Packard] has coined to talk about a new paradigm to address the current printing/coping[sic] trend. Mopying is a term describing the process of creating multiple original prints, or "mopies" on a laser printer.
    3. Both Queen Victoria and Sigmund Freud have, however, become common adjectives in our time, one describing the Dark Ages of sexual repression, the other an omnisexual world in which everything has sexual significance.
    4. A hovering, storklike balance with the body curling round an unseen sphere--one bent leg raised halfway up in front, bent arms and torso describing the space.
    5. The many repetitions of unornamented locomotor movement describing great diagonals do eventually wear.
    6. He is strongest describing place — an old motor lodge rests in “a highly unrecommended corner of Tulsa,” a Detroit house is “the sort of box that if you tripped coming in the front door, you found yourself falling out the back.”
    7. Until now there has been no definitive anatomical study describing the area where the parotid duct enters the buccinator muscle.
    8. In these delightful moments, released from the burden of her tyrant malady, her eyes seem to have been touched with the herb euphrasy, and she has the gift, denied to the rest of her generation, of seeing nature and describing what she sees.
    9. American manufacturers are now describing spectacles as "eyewear".

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